The New “Underground”

My initial perception of empire did not stray far from the stereotypical notions of some grand display of imperial strength or a vast empire spanning countless conquered territories but with my recent research I was shown that the title of “empire” pertains to a much wider variety of powerful entities. My blog being titled “The Underground Empires” illustrates how the criminal empires of today are identified as such but are represented in a different manner. Altering between various periods in history and studying some of the most powerful organizations in history I learned that the basis of empire comes down to one common trait: power. Whether it’s the Romans conquering lands in Europe or the Italian Mafia manipulating the East Coast from behind the scenes, any notable empire in history has had the capacity to influence the world around them and establish their dominance. This emphasis on power shifted how I viewed the fundamentals of empire from the previous notion of land-starving warmongers to that of opportunists with an avaricious lust for money and influence.

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What has made this blog particularly interesting is that it embodies the notion that empire is not pertained to one singular ideal but can be addressed as a variety of things that may not exactly be portrayed as the atypical empire many think of. Humanities Core has proved that empire can take up numerous forms. It is how the world has changed over time that has dictated the workings of whatever contemporary empire is prevalent. The intriguing notion regarding this apparent evolution of empires is how the priorities of these empires have changed over the course of time.


The “Underground Empires” I have spent the past weeks discussing have merely scratched the surface of how many of the most powerful empires of today have maintained their power  and influence in a more discreet manner. While I emphasized my first selection of blogs towards criminal empires my time in Humanities Core has allowed me to expand my scope of perception and will allow me to direct my blog in a new, more diverse discussion on the various empires that prefer to refrain from the public eye.

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